Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV)

From air to space transportation, Searl Aerospace plans to deliver a family of technologically advanced and efficient commercial crafts to customers around the world. We will also offer in the future a wide range of services and solutions to help airlines maximize the value of commercial IGV's.

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Advisory notice

Note that as of 2014, Searl Aerospcace Corproation, (SAC) elected NOT be a limited subsidiary and NOT even affiliated with STI. They are NOT licensed by SAC/SMI nor is Prof. John Searl authorizing them to use his technology nor his copyrights nor are we having any meaningful communications with them. .

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Career Futures

Searl Aerospace will be at the heart of modern aviation and space travel. By working with the Searl Aerospace corporation, you'll not only be producing technological marvels, you'll be making tomorrow better with The Searl Technology.

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